Further news on the Kovacic Appeal.

Information sourced from the Court of Appeal inform us that the appeal lodged by Val Kovacic against the  decision of Her Honor J. Wilson handed down in the Supreme Court  on the 22nd December 2008, has been discontinued by Mr. Kovacic.

This may now provide a small ray of hope for James to participate in events in Qld but only when all court matters and costs have been resolved, and  only when and if the Queensland SKC decide to remove the application of rule 19.05.

Until then the 19,05 application imposed on Kovacic and supported by the Supreme Court decision will continue to determine any entry submitted for competition will not be accepted nor eligible for events in Qld.

Lets hope this will all be resolved soon , and the officials in Qld shown the contrition due to them by Mr. Kovacic Snr.

Kovavcis Appeal date
set for August
Kovacic Lodges appeal against the Supreme Court finding.... more interesting times .. check with Best Bet for a price on the outcome !!!

Kovacic  vs AKAQ

Club rights endorsed by the Supreme Court of Queensland   - Her Honour’s decision
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