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Not a class act this one at all and we dont mean the engine or the extraordinary lengths some people have gone to get JMax as a killer, sorry, support of CIK classes for 2005.

Today, our new governance Executive finally admitted what everyone (well, the bright people anyway) has always known, you can't race it if it hasnt been allocated to a class. Good on em. !  That's another NKC stuff up they're not responsible for but are left to fix.  (South Australia are responsible for it) !

But instead of seeing it off and bailing out of the AMSAC appeal and all that, they're trying to get around all the problems by making more rules.  Well I dont know about you but when I went to (reform ! ) school, 2 wrongs dont make it right and if you make rules for something that doesn't exist, it still doesn't exist.

Anyway, Hancock Solicitors will be happy. The no class admission means he's earnt his firm thousands the AKA will have to pay for.  More karters funds down the drain because the quails can't follow a few simple rules.         

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