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Marshal Watson has been rightly restored to National Champion (Senior National Heavy) status after a lengthy delay involving an appeal at AKAC...in a completely out of mind display by the nations highest level of accredited stewards, Marshall,who crossed the line first was then displaced from 1st to 3rd when stewards incorrectly identified his kart as not resuming the track in his correct position after having being punted off .. Despite it being established that the assistant clerk got it wrong, the stewards set about to find evidence to support their incorrect decision instead of accepting they were wrong.

It is just beyond comprehension that the highest level of accredited stewards  can get it  so wrong at race meetings, and even decide to act outside their own authority to secure a conviction when the evidence clearly points the other way,  now also confirmed by the AKAC Court members.

This is essentially  fabricating evidence, and Watson had to drive 4500 Kilometres ( Townsville to Sydney and back)  to   present his appeal - had to take time off work - pay $2200 in appeal fees - fuel costs - accommodation costs -  and then incur an adjournment requested by the AKA in order for them to seek legal advice , when that same privilege is not permitted to a driver appellant - If that is not bad enough, the AKA submitted a statutory declaration from one official that was in total contrast to evidence from 5 other people -!! 

Anyway Watson's appeal fee will be returned, but the other costs involved in presenting a case will never be recovered - and it is as plain and the nose on your face that the AKA system of "right of appeal" is designed to be in total favour of the AKA, and the bad decisions made by people who are expected to know what they are doing require enormous resources in order to be challenged.. ..it is obvious by this appeal that the officials at the event got it completely wrong, and that their actions should also be addressed and by demotions , then maybe this nonsense  won't happen again...

Congratulations Marshall from all the crew at RV  ....

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