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new20.gif (1200 bytes)Its tyre tender time and information dispatched this week indicates that the tyre testing has been completed - but alas -in usual AKA fashion the information is scant - incomplete - at best negates the ability to analyse - and provides mostly useless information to make an informed decision, and the absence of the raw data as was provided to each of the States appointed analysts last tender time has not been provided , the demand for it being provided is being challenged by the National lot....! But get this...>>>   -in one group category test the benchmark tyre wear is not included  - so how can you tell if the bench tyre is actually the worst wearing tyre or the best -!!!! That particular test for that group has obviously not complied with the testing process or the data wear rate is missing ????.

You have to wonder what drives these clowns to refuse to provide the raw data for something as critical as these  products are to the sport. For heavens sake if you can't fly the plane correctly, then don't sit in the pilots seat !

The last fiasco and the ignorance displayed with it just about decimated the sport , nearly sent the Association broke when the Vega tyre was selected for Clubman class and the lemon it turned out to be - details and advice from the tyre tester on that matter was completely ignored by the then CEO and the AKA , as a result a thousand karters went bush and funds totalling $175,000 each year for the next 5 years was lost  ...clubs employed a different tyre - created a different class to get value for dollar in another more suitable brand to keep  themselves above shit level   - you don't need to go too far back to see who was in charge of that disaster -   and today  we have the possibility of a similar situation again.

It is beyond the pale to be told that you can't have the raw data for analysis when that is the most critical part of the testing evaluation ..no one knows if the tyre wear is over 2 laps or 200 laps ! in one case we don't even know the wear rate of the benchmark !!!!!! - or whether the circumference of the tyre is 830mm or 620mm and pressures, all of which are details that would make a huge difference to time and factors that are critical  - but alas, the same clowns are at it again - price fixing in one corner and refusing to give vital testing details in the other corner ...the fact that a tender of this nature extends into millions of dollars in contracts is being treated with such an inept attitude seems par for the course for this organisation..

Why we allow monkeys to look after such vital issues for the sport is just beyond comprehension.


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