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Our Queensland readers will know we have been trying to get transponders on all karts for about 8 years. Well finally, someone has bitten the bullet big time and decided if it's good enough for the Queenslanders, it's good enough for everyone.

The problem as we hear it though, has a bit to do with the above letter to President Crane and him holding a meeting without proper information or time to digest it and act responsibly, but more so, has apparently not found favour in NSW. Letter AKANSW linked here.

The Queenslanders, as you'd expect though, have dealt with it professionally as this morning's message to club's says. 

"Given the expenses associated with the purchase of transponders and the issues associated with some clubs already owning the devices it wasn’t and isn’t the intention of this Executive to go forward and expend any funds without having a clear implementation plan in place. No order has been placed with AMB nor will be placed until the SKC are in agreement on the process and the implementation plan."    

Well done Queensland but can anyone tell me where exactly all that leaves the transponders ..???????


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