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SCOOP:   This is the only interview of it’s kind since new President Crane’s first real NKC meeting proved he’s continuing the tradition of doing business from uninstructed delegates. Today, we’ve managed to get an exclusive interview with someone behind the scenes who’s actually done something for karters. But it’s up to you to decide if $2m spent on infrastructure like smartcard and transponders plus CIK engines for a dozen or so karters is better for the sport than spending $2m on Marketing and Promoting the sport.............................

RVNews             Congratulations on the past month’s success.
MS                     Not sure what you mean, it’s all been successful since I came along. 
RVNews            I mean you ducked even a mention in the price fixing case and the NKC didn't sack you .
MS                    I wasn’t involved in price fixing.
RVNews            Yes you were, you were an official. How come some got named and not others.
MS                    I was smart.
RVNews            No one’s going to believe that because you’re also on the NKC and they are undoubtedly the dumbest disaster team                            karting has ever suffered.
MS                    Doesn’t include me because I don’t say anything; That’s smart.
RVNews            The NKC includes you, and you are part of spending $150k on CIK engines for 8 people this year, $1.6m for data                           cards and transponders and another $100k for CIK promotion next year.
MS                    But that’s clever and it’s probably a lot more too. You forgot our $270k loan.
RVNews            That was dumb and a scam.
MS                    Hardly, it earns good interest.
RVNews            The AKA isn’t a bank, the money should be spent on the sport.
MS                    We don’t do that. We’re here to stop karters complaining.
RVNews            But you all breached the code of conduct?
MS                    The what?
RVNews            The ethics and conduct codes.
MS                    They’re only there for the karters to think they’re getting something for their money when they complain.
RVNews            But they aren’t getting anything at all because as you were told by one of your own, you are a bunch of                            misguided lunatics.**
MS                    Not me, I don’t say anything.
RVNews            What do you call that ? Useless ? Stupid ?
MS                    I call it smart.
RVNews            But if you sit and watch the misguided lunatics.** squander all the money and make stupid decision after stupid                           decision, that’s reckless.
MS                    But smart.
RVNews            Why is it smart? Surely it’s not smart at all to refuse to say anything because you think you are being smart.
MS                    No money, no karters, no complaints.

 **NKC minutes February 2008


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