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The Qld State Council General Meeting last weekend tipped the bucket on Junior Performance in Qld - the instructions of the SKC was that no permits would be issued to conduct this class of racing in Qld.

Discussion centred on how this class was put in the rule book in the first place, and without any of the clubs knowing anything about its introduction. The State Qld NKC delegate  informed the Council that all the clubs had been notified previously on its proposed introduction..... !!!! ( yeah right)

When questioned as to when this advice  was sent to the clubs, it was revealed that no such detail was ever sent, nor did the NKC delegate have any such information, in fact the details were only discovered  after questions were asked , and that revealed that the class details were delivered on the very day at the National NKC meeting where a decision was made by the Qld and other State delegates without any club or State instruction, or their knowledge of such a class which incorporates 11 engines.

Its laughable to know, that only when people are questioned that the real truth about NKC decisions are revealed, fortunately for Qld karters some people here have to courage to ask the questions to expose the deceit and are  not at all interested in the BBQ buddy popularity syndrome.

Below is the instruction that has now been justifiably turfed !!!

... Last week an  email was circulated to all Queensland clubs stating the following :

"It is imperative that all clubs offer this class over the next few months and report back with opinions on parity IE : we ask that we do not separate Junior Clubman and JMax.  Until these motors are combined on the track, we will not know if the parity is correct as submitted, and without feedback, a ruling could be implemented for the class which will not be beneficial for the class.Therefore, we ask that all clubs offer ONLY "Junior Performance" at the upcoming meetings.. "

"What hope have we got when the NKC can't even remember what they did 3 months before and the exec is so lame they can't remind them ?"or make up a story that is proved false !!......................................

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