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The new rage in karting (unless you doing 270k handouts of karters money without asking them) is censorship. A full article is being prepared on the merits and demerits of the subject as we speak.

But for keen readers of karting news that don’t get access to things like loans to clutch suppliers because the AKA tries to hide them in supposed ‘in camera’ sessions which are only briefly minuted or not at all, for years now we’ve had the KA forum, and more recently the NKN forum.

Keener correspondents have noted all sorts of supposed editing and removal of entire subjects and the NKN seems to be the latest of the capitulators to the AKA non bagging policy.

For the umpteenth time, we say it again, if the AKA just followed it’s own rules and procedures, it might cop a few complaints, but there be nothing substantial to vent on the forums and get this, surprise surprise, karting administration might become functional again !

 The forum is now at  Have a look, register and reinforce your right to have a say or if you want another venue that will allow your say visit   


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