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The AKA recently had its Annual General meeting - but the underhanded attempts to secure the return to office of its main incumbent reached far and wide and continued to the end. Even seeking legal advice of how to reject one State from being eligible to cast its vote - When it was first discovered that the rule book version 2005 Constitution had never been properly lodged and that  the AKA  "powers that be" rejected any thought of it, or that even after being formally informed by the Victorian Dept of Justice the outgoing President and the majority the NKC even went to great lenghts to pass a motion to refuse to accept any nominations for the Annual General Meeting office bearers.

Again in total contradiction to the valid and verified constitution 1990, a 12 month term of office was even attempted to to have meant to be 2 years term by the  majority of the NKC to shore up that position,  it bemuses me why people who aspire to "volunteer" for a National position go to such great lenghts to retain their positions, and in the process even choose to disregard what they are primarily responsible for ...and that is to serve the Association and not serve themselves. ! 

Prior to the AGM last week we had a nominated officer give his word and indicate that he would withdraw his nomination for election last Saturday if  the  outgoing President was not re-elected, when that failed he went back on his word, and now says he wants to do whats best for the AKA with the new President , this very same person conspired and supported  to disregard the rules of the very Association of which he was a rule maker during the last 12 months, this is the very same person who supported the AKA on a Friday -  the KAL (CAMS) lot on the Saturday  and the next week tripped back to the AKA - so what is his word worth ??? Not much you would expect , and these very same people were fantasising about imposing "sanctions" on individuals and this web site ???...

I too nominated for a position for National Executive,  that of National Secretary, I am suitably qualified, suitably experienced, efficient and in my circulation resume I included what I stood for ..."My objectives and stand are to ensure Governance becomes a reality, for open transparent and efficient administration of karting at the National level, and to instill my qualities of honesty, integrity and loyalty to the office where these virtues are demanded by the acceptance of such office." but unfortunatedly those virtues were not required, and whilst I offered to assist, only one other person that did was already part of the outgoing office holders, I can do no more than accept the rejection by the majority of votes as cast by the State bodies.

But that does not mean that it is the end of the world, or that I should cease to report what occurs. If it's not me then who ?? ...if not now ...when ???

One thing we can now be sure of under the new AKA President Richard Erdman, and that is his pledge to have open administration, and his assurance that everyone will be required to follow the rules , not just those who compete but all officials including those who attempted to sell off the AKA even though they still hold positions as rule makers. Only under these conditions will be be able to move forward and those who want to disregard those rules should ship out......and if not then thrown out !


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