tyres.jpg (3513 bytes) new20.gif (7475 bytes)new20.gif (7475 bytes)The recent public announcement by DPE on their "fact or fiction section" page (fiction ) that the YJC tyre will be introduced on the 1st April - carried over for 4 months and compulsory at State Championships has been revised by DPE to reflect what  facts really should have been said, primarily, that a recommendation will be made by DPE to the AKA and that the AKA will decide as to whether the tyre will be accepted in the RM125 Class and when.

But this matter raises an interesting point in dealing with the AKA - or more to the point, in how to go about  directing the AKA to do what you want in advance of them officially sanctioning something. !

Recent testing outside of the normal tender process that has served the AKA well over many years, allbeit that data was ignored in favour of bright lights and colours ! The following view is presented...

The YGK tyre has been in play in AKA and World wide for over 4 years - there have (as far as I am aware) not been any adverse official comment or complaint by the importers of this tyre for all these years, Rotax had adopted that tyre on a world wide basis for all this time until Rotax developed their own MOJO brand .. a clear attempt towards cost reduction by Rotax the MOJO tyre has proved to be slower than the YGK and there was little if any drop off in old vs. new of this brand, it was tested in race conditions in Rotax Heavy - The concluding comments from testing state that this MOJO tyre is un-usable in our market !! there was a large variation in performance from weekday testing to race day testing !! the wear rate was very low !!! But hey - its un-usable ????

Conversations I have had with some people in other countries indicate that the YGK has been a very good tyre, and still is, so why is there a need to change ??? is there a variation in production ???  are the YGK tyres we get different from elsewhere ??? why can't manufacturers be made to keep quality under control !! ... why is there now a need to change to a different compound, ??? why can't the problem be fixed ?? is there a problem ???  what is the rest of the world going to do ?? institute tyre pooling like us ??? even that does not fix it but we have it as a result..to fix the problem ??? or is this YGK now an un-usable tyre not suited to the market in Australia all of a sudden ??? if that is the case why can't this be corrected to reflect what we already had under tender conditions ?. Is there a difference in batches ??? Will this continue to be an ongoing problem with a replacement brand product ??? what controls are in place for karters ???

From the DPE testing comments - "the MG Yellow was concluded to be an excellent tyre from the testing" - "but not suited to your everyday karter or Rotax Class" ??? "Beginners would run the risk of broken ribs if they were to run on this tyre "...??? With the MG Yellow tyre now having been in the market  for 2 years we should immediatedly opt  a dedicated research program  to find out how many broken ribs and insurance claims have been made from a higher grip tyre that is damaging the   "everyday karter" ?? - What is an everyday karter anyway ????

The MG Red was reported as not suitable because the market wants a tyre "with a small amount of  more traction  than the YGK" - not enough to break your everday ribs though  !! and   5 years of YGK  it is only now deemed to be a need for more grip in the Rotax Class ?????- comments also include that the MG Red requires too much technical skill to drive according the the test  drivers comments .?? what skill level was the tester then ??

"The YJC tyre did not have as much grip as the testers would liked it to have had" - but the results were positive ! It was faster than the YGK  and more stable ( is the YGK unstable ??? - did it take 4 years to figure this out ??)  Reports indicate "As a new tyre it felt similar to a YGK " and "as it ran more races it maintained its grip level and feeling better than a YGK" - ?

Dropping lap times consistantly by .3 tenths of a second with another tyre over the YGK  in my opinion requires a softer compound to the YGK, in turn, softer does not mean less wear,  it means more wear, and on green tracks the wear will be even greater, these are common known facts that blind freddie could determine the most important aspect in tyres is that tyre wear represents putting money in the rubbish bin - the softer the compound the less you get for your dollar......unless the tyre is half the price of the current tyre....

What I would like to know is ....what is a suitable tyre for our market and who determines what is suitable ???? or un-suitable ???.

No doubt the debate will linger !

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