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Details below indicate how the Track development Fund payments are collected - or not collected - or not paid in by some States... these non payments  just reduce the ability for our Clubs Track develpment funds to be be utilised.... The National Track Development fund provides States and clubs with an opportunity to obtain $50,000 in an interest free loan repayable at $5000 bi annually... (except for carparks In Tasmania) those States that don't pay in the collections on time have little excuse for doing so, these payments are made from entry fees paid by karters and collected by the States whenever you race,.......... so why is there a delay in payments ?????

I have prepared a summary report card from the recently issued National Track Development Fund financial reports October 2004 don't look too good for some States.... but read on ............

West Australia are, according the the October issued reports in arrears for the months of Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep and October...and have not reported for those months as well.... ???? Total numbers of entries in WA reported to National have been 1826 for the year - this represents $1826 collected for input to the TDF Account - (Marked with F - Fail)

South Australia reported their details for Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr in the month of June and made their first payment for the year for those months in August ... whilst they have small numbers (total to July in South Australia from the report tells us that only 805 people actualy raced karts at race meetings in SA)- either they do not get the Stewards reports within the required regulations, or they are just lazy, these funds should be in the National coffer each month available for clubs use, not for the State to hang on to for other purposes. This State has not reported any entries since May of this year ..and are also in arrears for reporting and those payment for   Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep/Oct....they seem to be busy with getting another class started ... ( Marked with DF - Dismal Fail)

Tasmania - up to date and has had 1698 entries in that State so far this year. (CP - No not Car Park, but Complete Pass)

Victoria - up to date and with the State Secretary as a member of the National Executive there is probably a reason for being up to date... total entries to kart race meetings in all   Victoria to date are 8371. ( OP - Obligated Pass)

New South Wales...reported Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May in June and paid those months in June when payments should be made monthly - NSW seem as slack as South Australia yet contribute 5 times more for the period to May with 4840 entries ...this State has the National Treasurer/Minister for Finances as its Treasurer so why they are in arrears for Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep and October is baffling and it sure seems odd that this State is so out of touch with reporting to itself ??? ( Marked with - DF - Dismal Fail)

Queensland - reporting up to date payments up to date - entries at 7301 up to date ( Pass )

Northern Territory - Reporting up to date and with 452 entries for the year   ( Pass )

Administrator of Fund - Fails the standard minimum test !.....cannot not meet minimum standard , supervisors should also be chastised, but thats not the way its done in this show . You can do as you like as  long as no one complains  the current protocol of Addendum DW#3 2004 approved it ............just ask .





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