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This web site reports what it sees fit - it now appears that making comment about the way the AKA handles it affairs and responding in private to those who are tasked with responsibility to ensure things are done correctly has reached all time high's and fallen on deaf ears.

In the last days a private email to Craig Denton CIK Chairman and NKC delegate to take action as a NKC delegate has become a public one that now sees South Australia Karting Assoc head jock demanding that RV be personally sanctioned for reporting news and for responding in private with a tone that says what it means.!!

Well,  to let you see what has been demanded I have published the letter  from the South Australian Council President, Mr. Ian Mooney  ( of KAL fame) and I have included my response.

Should make for interesting reading, and you are welcome to make comment                on the links below....

South Australia
Sanction Request
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RV Engines
Response to AKA

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