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The recent announcement by CAMS and the "bed hopping traitors" within the AKA have made good reading, and a magazine editors delight, but the seriousness of the situation needs to be absorbed because at the end of the day, it is the participants of the sport who will suffer.

You might say " we don't care about the politics, we just wanna race ! " fair enough,  but when will you start to care ? when the cost of a licence is $1000 or your $8K investment is worth  $500, when you have no say in anything ??  when changes that are made each year to appease the trade bust your bank balance ?? decisions made detrimental to good governance and not in the best interests of participating licenced competitors ??? when ??

We karters are a lethargic lot and will cop almost anything, but when we sit back and allow those in office to actually join an organization that has, as its objective to take all our funds and leave a shell behind in a plot that left out 60% of karters, in Qld and NSW then you have got to ask yourself what is the matter with the  ethics of those in office.!

The people named in the CAMS Press release by Mr. Osborne President of CAMS are reported to have signed a document that they accepted a position on a CAMS board while they were the governor's of the AKA,  they were part of the scheme to take the AKA to their new CAMS entity.

This unheralded action demands those people remove themselves from office of the AKA - they have a conflict of interest in that they sit on one board that has its intention to take over the organization of the AKA they are entrusted to protect.

With protectors like these traitors your enemies would be more friendly,  It is time for karters to go to their clubs , lay down  you view, and do something about helping to lift the sport from the cowardly and treacherous people that sit in charge of it - you can make a difference and you need to do it now. 


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