new20.gif (7475 bytes) Governance News (Sun 13 Mar)
Governance to proceed to next Stage ! - After being dormant since the withdrawal of key Governance Committee personnel the AKA Special General Meeting of members conducted in Melbourne today concluded with  a revised proposal governance constitution and plan proceeding - this has come about   after re-inserting  a number of items that were mysteriously left out of the original draft, and  the re insertion of items that will in effect allow nominees to actually be elected and provide the method by which such elections will take place.

A number of other items will be required to be put in place for this resolution to be again formally put to the members for acceptance in its completed form. At this point, karters can be  reasonably confident  that the current administration of Karting WILL alter, and  will provide more efficiency and a clear direction of karting with a new board of directors, this will without doubt, ensure that the ever absent positive direction for the future is on the way when the AKA changes over to best management practices with governance......... and Viva La Eagles for the scattering of the Quails...!! !   

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