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On reading the National Conference minutes it is interesting to find that the very last item is a repeat of what happened 12 months prior at the very same  event..... Item #6 .... Last year , the representatives from South Australia pulled the same trick but the NKC rejected it - then it went in the backdoor with the CIK items by the same State... at the conference of 2005 South Australia again requested to put forward an Additional agenda item  -  Same as what was attempted without success in 2004, they want Rotax Max Junior to be introduced as a Class........ why you ask ???

On reflection it is hardly reasonable to think that this was discussed by the South Australian Council as the item was not included by the Admin, as were several other items , let alone a request from any of the Juniors in South Australia .??  But lets look at the facts of what Juniors they have ...

As of August 2005,  the National AKA figures show South Australia have 28  probable B grade Juniors - based on overall figures nationwide I guess that 70% of them would be National Class Light and Heavy only,  that leaves 8 - of these 8 you would have to say at least 20% would probably be ready to go to Seniors at the end of the year - so that leaves about 6 Juniors in South Australia who probably already own a Yamaha or ARC Clubman class engine - maybe more, but a least 6 racers.... I guess.

So what would possess the South Australian contingent who represent that States probable 6 eligible racers to want them to spend $2700 on a new engine for a new class in Rotax Max Junior ???? It just does not make any sense to continue to push this issue for that State's Juniors , ( and who probably did not even request this class be introduced) , and inflict it on the rest of the country who already say they don't want another class to disect what already exists.

.... Is this South Australian proposal for the benefit as requested by that States Juniors ?  or for the purpose of benefiting individuals ????

NSW with 164 Juniors and Qld  with 105 have already indicated that a new class is not required.....or needed !

Makes you wonder why these people keep pushing the barrow doesn't it ..............!!   and It's fairly pathetic as well !

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