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DAY OUT AT WILLOWBANK .......International Karting Distributors of Sydney (Ian Black) and Sparco race wear topped off a fantastic outing for a number of Karting people at Willowbank Raceway today, IKD's promotional person Monique Vidler was on hand to ensure that the group were organised and ready to climb on board the Betta Electrical V8 Super car for some mean laps around Queenslands Willowbank Raceway.....

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Invited guests included James Mann ICA racer, Richie McLeod & , John McCleverty representing Azurro Team Racing -  Ralph van Doorn from RV Engines Motorsports and Gary Cross from Solo Kart Center and of course  Monique Vidler from IKD . The recently appointed driver for 2005 Steve Ellery taking Monique around the circuit whilst Dean Canto - an ex Karter making sure that the others had  a stunning number of laps and no horses spared.. Picture of Gary Cross was not available  as he had tears of fear in his eyes and he did not want that confused with enjoyment ......!

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Monique strapped in ready............

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Jim de Mann
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Monique after Lap
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