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ARC announces CIK proposal

From the track at the Melbourne Grand Prix this morning, Mr Frank Cesnik, the principal of ARC Engine Company, announced that ARC and partners, Remo Racing and IKD Karting distributors  had lodged a proposal for the NKC to consider whereby the syndicate would contribute a substantial cash and kind package to the AKA if Junior Clubman were granted support class status at the CIK rounds.

Mr Cesnik said he was hopeful the NKC would see the extra benefits of running Junior Clubman as the support class as well as just the monetary input.

Well, blind freddie can see the benefits. There's already a heap of juniors racing ARC's and getting the quality track time at CIK will bring out more without even considering the prizes.

And from the AKA's point of view, its more good governance, it follows the junior engine program agreed on a few years ago, (Australian, machined cylinders not cast)and keeps the fires burning for junior DEVELOPMENT, not just standing still and wrecking one class to get entries into another.

So it's a no brainer for the NKC.

And let's take a moment to recall the ARC philosophy, like the old saying, simplicity is beauty. The ARC philosophy would enable you to use it's bottom end all the way from midgets to CIK, only changing the top end saving you thousands and at the same time leveling the playing field with machined cylinders. This editor is not a fan of clutches and so called touch and go, but if you want that, you can have it and we're all in favour of you having that choice.






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