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The recent announcement by DPE that they will submit the YJC Bridgestone to the NKC for approval is unlikely to find much support under the new administration. (Thankfully) !. With the NKC focus on containing costs and value for money as shown at the last 2 NKC meetings, something that would increase karters tyre costs over 50% in one fell swoop will be ringing alarm bells.    

For your information, the proposed tyre is a a hard compoundbut CIK tyre,  ie. an 'open' tyre,  not an SL type.  We cant wait to see the data on it's wear rates but would be most surprised if they had even the life of an MG Yellow, MG Yellow is the F100 tyre being used in Leopard classes and drawing a heap of criticism in the value for money stakes at $255 for about 160 laps.  Fair enough too, when you consider the original Rotax tyre, the YGK was good for about 240 laps

It's hard to understand the thinking on Yellows and the DPE proposal because these tyres are designed for kart weights of 140 kg or less, certainly not for 125cc heavies at 180 kg. !

Come on Remo and George T.  Get these classes on something that'll keep the cost to $1 a lap even if they are a bit harder.  Dont you want to keep attracting karters to Leopard and Rotax ?

With the PRD Fireball and ARC Typhoon specced to run the Maxxis in TAG 125 class, it's a no brainer at the moment where you're money is best spent. 

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