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The VKA decision to postpone the Victorian Championship as a matter of ‘force majure’ in respect of ‘karter safety’ as indicated in their press releases seems appropriate enough, albeit slow off the mark as the bushfire tragedy rolled out, but they were damned if they did and damned if they didnt.

However, as is now the norm with the AKA, they just cant seem to follow their own rules, and a few in particular seem to believe that they can invent rules and make decisions contrary to what regulations demand just like the national lot who want you to instal them as a skilled board !!  

On the other hand, competitors disregarding rules are mercilessly hounded by these same people. Do as I say, not do as I do and woe betide if you dare criticise our hypocrisy. How is it that they can be such hypocrites and still retain their status as AKA officials? You'll find the the sad answer at the end of the story.

First, the background.     The Victorian Championship scheduled for the 13-15th February was declared a POSTPONEMENT through advice issued to competitors at the venue and through a VKA/AKA Press release, and in light of that decision the regulations at 11.09.2 apply.

The regulations at 11.09.2 state: - Postponement   - (the meeting cannot begin or be completed on the proposed date). In the case of a postponement for more than 24 hours, entry fees shall be returned unless the entrant states his/her intention of competing in a proposed competition. 

And no, I dont quibble with not returning entry fees, that would be an administrative stupidity when most of them were going to be posted right back again for the resumed event.)

The VKA did it the other way round and demanded entrants who wanted their entry fee refunded tell e so. 

That, of course, ignores the other very important aspect of the rule being written the way it is: the whole point is to seek competitors confirm their intent to compete at the rescheduled event.

There's another major aspect which is if an event is postponed, it can only have as its  competitors, the original entrants becasue entries had a closing date. No additional entries would be eligible , the Supplementary Regulations issued for the original event remain the Supplementary Regulations for the rescheduled postponed event, including the listed officials and only the date would vary via  an Addendum to the SR's  a matter of 'force majure'  [see 1.07(a)]

The AKA/VKA press release of Friday 20th February states: (The rescheduled date is considered to be a new race meeting therefore allowing further entries into those close listed below . All classes will be required to meet the minimum number of entries of eight(8) to form a field.  Wrong. If that is what was required, the original event needed to be cancelled. 

Surely, these AKA officials can get their own rules right ? So, back to the question: How is it that the AKA hierarchy can be such hypocrites and still retain their positions ? Because karters dont care and the AKA hierarchy know it so they just stumble from bad to worse and dragging the sport down with them.

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