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We have now been further informed that the parent who proceeded to act as a flag marshall ( with the red flag) was agitated primarily because his son was on position 6 for the final (qualified 4th in TT).. during the rollups for the final, because of a mishap slipped back to the rear of the field - he attempted to get back to his position with arm raised indicating he was out of position - the Poll kart had a flat tyre during the roll ups, and the officials waited till he had assistance in the mechanical lane and rejoined the roll up some laps later   in his correct position P1- the parent was obvioulsy peeved because the officials waited for poll to get back -  but did not wait for his son to get back  to P6...I reckon you would have reason to be peeved when it is the starters obligation   .... Rule 4.18 is..." to signal a start which  is fair for all competitors" ....... LEAVIN.jpg (1223 bytes)

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