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Good, no !....Great News !  - TAG 125 class

In all the hullaballoo over the 1990 constitution at Adelaide and then the drama of CAMS giving their delegation to KAL,  a very positive step for karting has been completely overlooked.

At the NKC conference on 28 August 2005, the NKC approved the IKD  & St George Karting Centre proposal put up by  AKANSW for TAG 125.

Here's a copy of the rules and proposal from the AKANSW letter of 3 August 2005.  >>>> (link to pdf)<<<<<

So Rotax 125, Leopard, ARC Typhoon, PRD Fireball, Biland SA-250 are all eligible as will the Sonik 125 when it's registered.

A couple of thorny points to resolve sure, like weight parity, running on 3 different tyres, but it's a big step forward and with just a little bit of common sense, will create a fascinating form of racing.   It's not going to get a run at a National competition straight away, but it can be put  on Supp Regs for States.
And for most clubs who  only get a handful of each wanting some competition,  if that,  and all those competitors who couldnt be bothered racking up the running costs to run against one or 2 others, absolutely fantastic. 

And it doesn't get in the way of DPE's promotions for Rotax or Remo's for Leopards, in fact, probably helps them as their drivers will get more quality track time and competition.  

Congratulations to Ian Black and Chris Dell for listening to the karters and to AKANSW for putting it up.  And a big pat on the back to the NKC for a bit of good governance.

Now, who said its all bad news here ! ...someone pass this to the South Australians please !....................

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