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There is a first time for everything and today was the day - ! The Resa Nationals Championships being contested in Port Macquarie NSW put itself on the karting history map during the Resa Junior event. Reports have come in that the start of the final in Junior Resa was somewhat ordinary and agitated a couple of people who had their drivers( children)  in the event .

After calling for a more proper and fairer start, and this call being ignored by the starter and  officials, one driver (starting towards the rear) pulled into to the pits after approx.10 laps during the race still obviously distressed with the start - upon this driver pulling in to the pits  a parent streaked across the barriers and the circuit, obtained a red flag from the officials (without approval) and proceeded to wave it moving along the center of the track at the same time has been reported that in hot pursuit was Assistant Clerk of the Course Mr. Ron Harradine ( how factual that is is unknown !! ) and another report  that Trev Voysey had grappled with the the streaker who was still waving the red flag in the centre of the track - Ron or Trev managed a  headlock on the streaker stopping the situation (as a red flag commands) !!  and the Red Flag and both parties went to ground with a shuddering impact ......!!

Spectators could not believe what they saw,  thought it was part of a comedy act but in fact was a "real rumble in jungle" as one reporter told us .... and   of course this event will have lingering memories which will include such things as humor and stupidity - but hey this is AKA, anything can, and usually does happen. !

The drivers all obeyed the red flag, so they are to be congratulated,  and there was much pandemonium in the in-grid as the drivers were held there whilst awaiting for the local constabulary to arrive , when that took too long (as is usually the case)  the streaker had packed up and left, the race was concluded in a single file format.

It is now further rumored that the impending tribunals that will obviously be required, will be required to be held in a independent State as the Clerk of the Course , the tackler - unconfirmed  (???) Harradine, is also the NSW tribunal registrar and the streaker must be given an opportunity of a tribunal appointed without a perceived or actual conflict of interest - let alone have any knowldge of the drama !!!

We view this matter as one that would expect the parent to be banned for ever-   and the driver who caused the parent to become over agitated to be at least admonished for being a bad sport.....and either Harradine and Voysey be part of the Aussie front row for the World Cup Rugby tour and Yes you read it first here at RV's ....!

History at the Port...has a nice ring to it doesn't it ....!!!

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