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While Victorian kart racer David Sera flew the AKA flag in America  very little was known about what the AKA mob back home was attempting, but we have discovered the news and put it here for you to judge.

Two (2) years ago at the AKA National Championship at Eastern Creek Sydney 2007, David won the Leopard Light category final - during the course of the race he was, for some unknown    reason  was shown a "mechanical defect " flag, some believe this was because of an earlier matter that was not resolved to the satisfaction of some or one of the officials.

On completion of the final event, immediately as he drove into the pits, his equipment was checked by the technical officers to determine the reason for the MD flag mechanical defect was found or reported by experts, and  all of his equipment as raced was found to be compliant. However, he was charged with disobeying a M/D flag and penalised.

Believing this was unfair  he lodged an appeal , paid the fee , and his appeal was dismissed,  certain parties acting as officials at the race meeting were also involved in the arrangements to set up the appeal...!!! not satisfied with the outcome he proceeded to lodge his as of right appeal to the next level  -  more  fees had to be paid and Sera he waited - and waited and waited for the appeal to be arranged by those "responsible" AKA officials.

The delay  by the officials extended to 18 months, failure to comply with the requirements to enact that process is just simply disgusting,  and more importantly, contrary to the AKA's own regulations. It is believed to have been commonly understood that certain persons had stated that "he will never get the green plate ".! The AKA also claimed they could not find a 'Chairman" to act at the AKAC appeal yet they had a million dollars in the bank and the appeal fee to "employ" a solicitor as is required ... The AKA finally appointed its own AKA solicitor to the Chairman of the Court role, yes, the AKA who was one party to the appeal had it’s solicitor sit in judgment of a matter that involved the AKA

As a last resort David sought leave to  further appeal , that was to the last and final court that a person can  appeal to , that court   is AMSAC   the (Aust Motor Sport Appeal Court) operated by CAMS and has direct link with the FIA ( The World Motor Sport Authority) who delegates motor sport control to CAMS. (CAMS delegates control of Karting to AKA - therein lies the affiliation.)

After $6000 + in just AKA fees -plus his own costs the decision of the AMSAC court was handed down on the 5th November and distributed to AKA - The appeal by David Sera from his National Championship event in April of 2007 was upheld by the court, and Sera is to be crowned Champion of the class. His appeal fees were to be returned to him and his trophy to be awarded - but guess what , whilst praising his effort in America in an AKA press release and promoting him and AKA and karting in general, the AKA were demanding and instructing the AMSAC court that their decision cannot stand !!

Who do these people think they are telling the final court for motor sport that it cannot make decisions that some AKA personnel are not happy with and make submissions to the court  that the court is out of order ?? the AKA can't and won't follow the rules themselves but want to interfere in someone else’s !

Sera deserves his place on the podium – deserves to be publicly acknowledged as the Champion  at the Nationals of 2007 - presented with his trappings  - and the fools who expect the final court to change their decision to satisfy their own demands   instead of complying with the   rules and facts should be removed from whatever posts they hold in the sport ... This sort of disgusting action  just goes to show the arrogance and  dictatorial ethic of  those who hold office and appointments in this sport.

AMSAC Findings available >> click here

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