Tuesday 15/11
BFLAGGED.jpg (2050 bytes)Karters may not be aware what is going on behind the scenes in the corridors of the AKA this week, and probably not aware either of the fact that the new AKA Vice President Mr. Ian Mooney from South Australia has decided to impose some sort of sanction on this web site, so I presume that all South Australian karters are forbidden by Mr. Mooney to view the content of this site - so if you are a karter from South Australia then sorry boys and girls, POQ, and don't read the important stuff written here which concerns what is in your wallet...............!

News this week centers around the CAMS delegation of karting to the AKA - You have to understand that CAMS do not run any motor sport activities and that includes karting - they are just controllers, like in Thomas the Tank books - they (CAMS) are a group in Australia who are represented on the FIA along with about another 100 or so countries. CAMS have an obligation to the FIA to conduct the CIK Classes of competition in this country. CAMS do not have any people to do this, or the expertise to do it, so they offer what is called " delegation of karting" to the AKA - - why ,you ask ??!- well it's simple, AKA have the people who could organise CIK karting  (but we o haven't been too clever at it either in the last 2 years) However , having the CIK Series events gets CAMS off the hook with the FIA and all is rosy for CAMS , we do the work - they get a pat on the back from the FIA, and it costs the AKA a bucket load of ordinary karters funds to do it. -

Oh ! so you dont' believe it  ???

What you may not know, is that in order for AKA to satisfy the CAMS requirement to the FIA, the AKA entered a contract with CAMS (signed by the previous President - unbeknown and without approval of the members or the NKC and surfaced only recently)  and this document extends agreement over several years for AKA to have the  "CAMS karting delegation ". Then CAMS have also stated that they terminated it and gave that delegation duty to KAL ! What gives ??

In order for AKA to satisfy the contract AKA are required to conduct and promote CIK classes, and conduct an International CIK (Oceania) event each year - for this privilege the AKA are required to pay CAMS $28,000 (up to 31 December this year ) yes ,you read it right - and have already paid CAMS over the last 8 years some $230,000.00  - yes (Two Hundred and thirty thousand dollars)  and we have done all the work and we pay and absorb the CIK karting series losses, and they get the Australian Sporting Commission Grants and we (AKA) get zilch again.

Now imagine if you owned a kart and lent it to your mate to race and you also had to pay him $28,000 for him to use it  ! and you have to clean it and service it ..good deal is it ??? that's what the NKC allow the AKA to do  !!.thats what the previous AKA President did for his buddies at CAMS...- or you own your own business, and you employ someone to work for you who does nothing, does not even turn up at work, and you pay him $28,000 a year and $35K the next and $40K the next and so on for 5 years.... that's what the AKA have done - believe it or not - that's what the people who run the AKA are allowing to happen. Clever  AKA aren't they ! these people are a majority of those state elected NKC representatives.... some things never change  !!!

This week one NKC delegate has been requesting at least 3 others to agree to a meeting to sort this delegation fiasco out  (AKA Constitution requires 4 delegates to agree to call a meeting) - press reports from CAMS issued recently said that AKA delegation has been removed - but now there is a signed contract ( the NKC have in good faith accepted the invalid adoption of a copntract ???????) and your money was paid in September to CAMS, and the contract is for many years !! - and that contract needs attention before the 31st December otherwise the AKA will be committed to many years of payments to CAMS including CPI and other charges that will result in AKA paying in excess of some $400.000.00 (Four hundred Thousand) of your money to an organisation that does nothing but tell us to do their work in order to satisfy their requirement to the FIA. But the NKC delegates don't wnat to call a meeting to discuss it ...??? you have to ask why ????

You have to ask why your State is not insisting that this be attended to immediately - with urgency ???   It's a no brainier to call a meeting to discuss issues ,any issue, but when we have representatives on the AKA who don't understand simple things how can we expect them to understand anything - and if they were responsible for the payments themselves I  would bet they would be calling a meeting in five minutes.... !

Someone please pass this information to Mr. Mooney in South Australia because he has sanctioned himself from reading this important content -and is probably not even aware of the situation either. Its a growing AKA attitude -" if it does not affect me I dont care "

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