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In the National AKA best management model, the working party that did the research and made the recommendations got rolled by the know-alls of 4 states when it came to who the voting members would be. You may not even know, because at least one of those states is notorious for making decisions without consulting its members (it's clubs) and you don’t need NKC brains to know karters weren’t asked at all.

Here's the working party rationale from 2003. The recommended model would install the senior licence holding karters as the voting members.  That is consistent with the recommendation of the Australian Sports Commission who say individuals, not groups should be the voting members. (by and large, that's what most similar sporting organisations do)  There's a simple enough reason for this in karting; - karters pay for the sport through their licence fees and race entry fees.   They are the real stakeholders. (or is karting not about racing karts ?  You do wonder sometimes don’t you ?)  Anyway, - if karters fund the show, the reasoning is they should have the ultimate power. (which is to elect/remove the directors or overule a Board decision at a general meeting.)  

Does anybody actually disagree ?
Is there something we don’t know ? 
Some reason why the people who fund the system and for whom the system exists lose their franchise ?  

Compare with a company.
You would dare tell the shareholders that while they own the company they don’t get a vote ??

In sunny Queensland,  we jumped on the bandwagon of best management practice because 2 of the main contributors to the National model were Queenslanders and it was obvious how a similar system would actually give Queensland a chance to get the sport moving forward.   

But just like the know-alls in the 4 states who want to disenfranchise the karters in the National model, it seems we have a few who don’t like the Queensland model because they wont get a vote anymore.  Yes, you guessed it.  Some Queensland club executives don’t want the karters as voting members.  They want to keep it themselves and presumably carry on as they have in the past making their own decisions without consulting their members and not let the sportsmen and women be responsible for what they own.

And club Executives wielding this power for all these years have done exactly what to improve karting ?

One club says but the clubs are the stakeholders because the clubs own the tracks. ??
But who owns the clubs fellas ? 
Who provides the club the money to build a track ? >>>  The club members who pay fees and more so the karters who pay for licences and race entry fees-  that's who.  !

We were warned at the National Governance conventions that fiefdoms and petty politicians were going to be our worst enemies in moving to best management practice, and how right that has been. !

If karters want cheaper racing, more laps and more competition, they'd better start taking more responsibility for their system and remind their clubs who pays the bills and what they're there for.  All it takes is a call to a committee person........!!!

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