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Yes readers, it seems the last bastion of karters has been breached and karting in Queensland will start it's demise as now afflicts all the other states. 

On Wednesday evening, the Townsville, Warwick, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Cairns , voted against moving to a best management practice model company limited by guarantee and made it clear that THEY did not want the karting licence holders to vote, THEY wanted to be the voting members.

Not that THEY asked their members what they wanted.  No, that's not how THEY work.  THEY get themselves elected to club positions and THEY think that makes them lord and master. Just like South Australia did in the attempted sell out to CAMS.  The THEY in that case made a decision to do that without consulting all the members.

It is not at all clear how THEY plan to run karting in Queensland, as THEY have not contributed any lasting improvement to anyone's lot in at least the last 15 years.  Maybe THEY think they'll do it AKA style and swan around the country charging up expenses to the organisation to meet and do nothing for karting.  Hey, take the whole family and show the AKA types how to do a real number on the karters funds.

Now in fairness, we don’t know the other side of the story except they've exposed that imposter first year law (and golf) failure Hancock, (yes, he might have led QLD and NSW to stop JMax being installed outside the rules and led them again to stop the other NKC delegates selling out the AKA to CAMS but he couldn’t pass a first year law exam) so like we've done in the past with disgruntled readers, we'll be interviewing a spokesperson and will publish it here soon.      


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