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Our last interview with Donald Wells was so popular, we asked him if we could talk about the new Governance project.....

KN Thanks for coming
DW My pleasure.  I told you I was popular
KN Who said you were popular
DW You did
KN No I didnt
DW Son, I know you're not the sharpest tooth on the saw, but read your byline
KN I wrote it. I know what it says. It says our last interview was so popular
DW Exactly
KN You're kidding
DW Hardly, this is the AKA.  And I told you I am popular with SA, WA, Tas, Vic and NT
KN But they're only 40% of the karters
DW There's something wrong with your arithmetic. Are you from Queensland ?
DW That's 71%
KN How do you figure that ?
DW Count them
DW 1
KN What do you mean 1 ?
DW 1.  O - N - E.  One more than none, one less than two
KN That's not what I meant
DW Then wouldnt it be better for everyone if you simply said what you meant ?
KN I did
DW You are being very difficult. Are you sure your'e not from Queensland ?
DW Not sure ?
KN No I'm not
DW Dear me.  We have a problem dont we

KN Is that what new governance is for ?
DW Pardon
KN Is that what new governance is for ?
DW I heard that
KN You said 'Pardon'
DW I know what I said and No, I dont think governance will help your problem at all
KN I dont have a problem
DW You're not sure if you're from Queensland and don't have a problem ?
KN I am not from Queensland and I dont have a problem
DW So why do you think governance would help you ?
KN I dont
DW Then why ask ?
KN I want to know what new governance is for. Isnt it because you're not popular ?
DW I am popular. I told you. 71%.
KN You said 1, SA, that's only about 200 karters, which is less than 10%
DW No, its SA, one state. Plus WA, plus Tas, plus NT, plus Vic.  5 of 7, that's 71%
KN That's absurd
DW Hardly, this is the AKA                
KN I think I need a rest
DW Yes, I didnt think you Queenslanders had much stamina. That's why I'm the President
KN That's not why you're the President
DW Yes it is
KN No it's not
DW Well, maybe not entirely, but that and because I'm popular
KN Your'e not popular  

To be continued ...........

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