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The recent interview as noted on Australasian Karting News with AKA President Donald Wells makes interesting reading , however in case you thought this site was too serious here's a lighter side, then again, it might be more serious .The following is Part 1 of a 4 Part series  of how we reckon a 'live' interview might go covering a range of topics.....Have a look at the forum whether this one or the magazine version is closest to the mark ..........

KN Mr Well ?
DW Yes
KN This is KartNews
DW Who ?
KN KartNews, Australia's Kart Magazine
DW I haven't heard of you
KN Really, we've been around for a couple of years now, we sell about 5000 mags a month, about every licence holder, I reckon
DW I wouldn't know
KN Aren't you the AKA President at the moment?  And for the past 3 years ?
DW The majority say I am
KN The majority of karters
KN Who then ?
DW The majority of states
KN Isnt that strange ?
DW No, that's democracy
KN Where ?
DW Uganda, Zimbabwe, you name it
KN So the minority are ?
DW Queensland and NSW
KN Aren't they the states with the most members ?
DW Not necessarily
KN Sorry ? they have about 60% of karters dont they ?
DW I can't say
KN You're the President, why can't you ?
DW It's a secret
KN So can you say which States have the most members ?
DW The majority
KN Which is ?
DW All the other States
KN Eh ?  They have 40% of the karters but they are the majority ? How so ?
DW They have more clubs
KN But clubs are just a collection of karters in a particular place, some clubs might have just 1 or 2 members
DW No, they are members. See our constitutions
KN That's bizarre
DW Not really, because we have a Council
KN Hang on, I'd like to go over this clubs and karters things
DW You should talk to our publicity officer
KN I didnt know you had one
DW Of course you dont, it's a secret
KN It's not anymore. What does he do ?
DW I dont know. I'm the President
KN He would publicise things the AKA is doing wouldnt he ?
KN Why not ?
DW Because it's a secret
KN Why keep it a secret ?
DW So no one finds out
KN Finds out what ?
DW The secret
KN Let's change the subject. Now, this Council. What does it do ?
DW It does what I tell it to
KN How do you manage that ?
DW Promise not to tell ?
KN Yes
DW I don't tell them anything
KN Dont they tell you anything or ask you to do anything ?
DW A couple of them do
KN So they contribute to the strategic outlook for karting ?
DW The what ?
KN The strategy. Where are we ? Where are we going ? Where do we want to go ? How are we going to get there ?
DW What's that got to do with karting ?
KN Everything, I would have thought
DW You're not very bright are you ?
KN But if it's not about the way forward, what's it about ?
DW What's what about ?
DW I cant tell you
KN Why not
DW It's a secret

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