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After viewing the AKA Auditors report some weeks ago I discovered an entry of some $16,000 for accommodation and meals for CIK Officials at 4 round of racing . Craig Denton of South Australia is the Chairman of CIK Committee and he couldn't answer the question - nor wanted to ruffle feathers by asking until pressured,  Normal people would question such extravagances immediately and I did  - I am normal ...It has since been discovered ( persistence paid off) that this extravagance expense was incorrectly attributed to the CIK account and that approx. $12,000 should have been allocated to something else ! - what - we are yet to find out  ! - but an AKA response implies that a previous office staff employee made this stuff up.

What would be appropriate now one would ask  ??? leave it at that ??? or ask the question , "Who did actually spend this $12,000 ???- what documents exist for its payment ?? - to whom ?? what for and where will it be recorded in the accounts ..are the AKA National Audits good enough ??? or is this just flick and tick stuff and no real exhaustive check of following an expenses trail ???

Normal people would provide the answers without asking - but in this game if you point out or find an error then the first person at fault is the person who discovers the error - and then if you dare mentioned it you are further castigated _ I ask the question now of the AKA - to whom was the $12,000 in expenses paid - to what account has it now been attributed - have the auditors been notified of the error ? or should I do that myself ...???

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