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An NKC meeting (face to face too !) has been called for 17th December 2005 for the NKC delegates to be presented the options for certain undecided clauses they requested at the AGM .

It is envisaged that the NKC will be able to decide between options put up for who the voting members will be (karters or clubs),whether the chairman wil come from the elected board or elsewhere, and who will be able to exercise proxy votes at a general meeting.

The industry nomination to the Board is no lonnger an issue as the KIAA has foundered and is expected to be deregistered.

"and maybe" if we can smuggle it out from behind the new iron curtain surrounding South Australia, an interview with the AKA VP Ian Mooney, as he prepares for his baptism....!

new20.gif (7475 bytes)Will there be a new  Olympics type competition at this NKC meeting -??? Stay tumed for the new rules......

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