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The National Championship 2006 have been run and won and the most unfortunate results was that of Barclay Holden who ended up on the side of the track as a result of his Trulli Team trying to force his way in a hole that never existed ......Scott Simpson from Qld trumped in Super Heavy and the Leopard class  were able to compete on a level playing field after the NKC ensured rules were put in place to effect that.

Chaz Mostert - that flying Dynamo from Qld completed a clean sweep from TQ to Final ,winning every event in his CRG machine and makes amends for his disappointment at the Victorian Open event.

The meeting had its share of dramas with some parents expressing their own view in relation to a decision the Stewards made when it was discovered that two flags were being displayed that contradicted each other , the decision made by the officials ensured that the all participants were given the chance to compete....

Results posted here are from the event and whilst official results are posted on the Notice at Bolivar these docs are a direct copy of those posted , no matters remain outstanding at the time of posting.....Well done to all who competed and Congratulations to those who made it to the podium...... CRG win the Manufacturers Cup...

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