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Over the past months we have continued to report what we considered to be items of importance in relation to the National finances, we have sent questions and requested further details but these have not  been answered or forthcoming .....we do understand that people volunteer to provide a service but we did further research and found that karters actually paid $3200.00 in February for Accounting Fees and a further $250 in March yet the accounts distributed contain items we find difficult to reconcile  - the current accounts (April) are again  late in distribution (due to the members by the 12th of each month)  and one case in particular shows that in February 05 there were Trade Creditors amounts of $329,314.00   this amount was reduced to $7037  in March yet there is only $54,591 shown as expenses in the Profit and Loss Statement for the month of March ???  if anyone can enlighten how this happens then please let us in on the deal as that system could be useful to lots of businesses..

To provide some information on licence status - we have compiled some details from figures supplied by the National to the States, these are also interesting and once again show some important matters... either karters are not renewing licences or renewals and sales are not being reported, or not included in the distributed reports .....but in any case if we (the licence holder) are paying for accounting fees then I presume the figures are correct at the time of distribution..anyhow we feel it important enough to display....

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