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stop_press_governance.jpg (33873 bytes)14/2/2006

Well hallelujah !, another problem has solved itself in the AKA's move to a best management practice model constitution.

Readers will recall the continuing debate over whether "industry" should have a seat on the Board.  Hancock and a few others say you'd be mad not to as for one, they have a lot to contribute.  Others say no way,  They are only interested in pushing their own barrow, have no concern for what's in the best interests of karting, and their use of patsy delegates and committee members to avoid the proper processes and do their bidding shows their true colours.

Then, even if you accept there should be an industry representative, there's a debate about whether the nominee should be qualified and vetted like the other Board electees, (most of us) or Hancock's argument that it doesn't matter, as an out of depth director won't want to look silly and will leave.  (Hey Graeme,!  if you were right, Wells and Co that did so much damage in the Secret Squirrel years, would have walked away, but they hung on at all costs !!??)

But "industry"  god bless 'em (yes, that includes me) have resolved the issue internally by the 'Mooney' method: 

> if inadequate interest is shown in a proposal, that is testament to it's popularity.<  (and I must say I agree this time).!!

  The "industry" vehicle,  KIAA,  has had no nominations in response to it's calling for Executive positions -  and without Executives being elected at it's inaugural AGM, will fold altogether. !

And for mine, that's good.  There is no reason any "industry" person can't be nominated to the AKA Board for one of the elected director positions, and the karters will say if they want that person in the job or not. It's no different to what we've had in the past.  An "industry" person is not disqualified from being on the Secretariat, or from being an NKC delegate.  I've been both.  John McCleverty has been an NKC delegate for years.  John Pizzarro - Mike Sully - Mike Skinner - to name but a few have also held such positions..... for a time. 


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