new4.gif (2863 bytes)You may recall the interviews we did with recently regarding Governance in Qld - today we publish an interview on that matter with one of the AKAQ Executive branded "Idiots"... this will have a follow up - dont' miss it !





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Scoop ! 
From Inside the Bunker at AKAQ headquarters !

In this interview, one of the AKAQ ‘idiots’  (as they were described by one of the obviously more clever Townsville identities) tells us how Queensland can still pursue better management practice without a skills based board of directors that the clever Townsville identities voted down in order to keep the sports stakeholders, the karters, from having the voting rights in general meeting.

KNN        Thanks for coming in, can you tell us what’s going on                          
IDIOT      Queensland are saving the nation of course
KNN       Pardon ?
IDIOT      Hayden’s 150 and Symonds 140
KNN       What’s going on at AKAQ headquarters ?
IDIOT      I thought you’d have figured that out yourself, we’re watching the cricket
KNN       No, after the cricket
IDIOT      Someone said we’re going to golf
KNN       What’s going on in karting ?
IDIOT      Nothing.  The cricket’s on.  You’re not the brightest bulb on the chrissy tree, are you ?
KNN       Don’t you start, they said you were an idiot, not me
IDIOT      Well just ask me what it is you want.  This isn’t the NKC
KNN       We’ve been told you plan to try new things at Council meetings
IDIOT      Correct
KNN       And ?
IDIOT      And what ?
KNN       What new things are planned for Council meetings ?
IDIOT      You gotta stop beating around the bush son. Not everyone get’s flogged like ARC
First up, we changed the constitution so we only have to have
              Council meetings   once every 4 months.  So as it’s only 3 times a year, that’s the meeting held straight after the AGM and 2 more. AGM is  early               October, so   let’s say February and  June.We move the AGM around the State, so we’ll suggest these other 2 meetings move around too. And we’ll               suggest someone from the club attends like we have  at the AGM.

KNN       That sounds good
IDIOT      Not bad for a bunch of idiots eh !
KNN       I doubt that’s why you’re idiots

IDIOT      Yeah, well seeing as the clubs want to control things, we now just get them to do the governance
KNN       Like the NKC ?
IDIOT      No, I said ‘do’ the governance.  Governance is not on the agenda at the NKC
KNN       So, how do you get the clubs to do it ?
IDIOT      You give them the bases for strategic planning.  They discuss what they want to plan. They go away and work out how to do it and how to monitor it.                They meet again and tweak it then formalise it then put it into practice.
KNN       You’re kidding ?
IDIOT      Not at all.  That’s what governance is all about
KNN       The clubs haven’t done anything like that ever.
IDIOT      I know and that’s why the governance move started in 2003.
KNN       Why not just elect a skilled board of directors ?

IDIOT      How would I know, we’re idiots.

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