Two Scoops please! Not one, but two AKAQ Execs front’s intrepid reporter !

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Hi there fellas !............

KNN       Congratulations
IDI          Thanks
OT          Thanks
KNN       You’ve actually done what you said you’d do
IDI          Yep
OT          Yep
KNN       So what are you going to do with it ?
IDI          Do with what ?
OT          It
IDI          What ?
OT          No, it
KNN       We better start again
IDI          Start what again ?
OT          Start it again I reckon
KNN       Stop
IDI          You said start, I heard you
OT          Yeah, you did
KNN       Start the interview again
IDI          Why would you do that when we only just started ?
OT          You said he’s not the brightest bulb on the chrissy tree
IDI          Did I ?  Clever
OT          Yep and he said you were an idiot
KNN       No I didn’t, Townsville said you were all idiots
IDI          Eh ?
OT          Where’s that ?
KNN       On the forum
IDI          What did our solicitor say about that ?
OT          We haven’t got one
IDI          Says who ?
KNN       Townsville and RV. They reckon he’s a first year law failure.
IDI          No wonder he was cheap
OT          Yeah, cheap as kart tyres

KNN       Kart tyres aren’t cheap
IDI          Course they are, $250 a set
OT          And they last 2 meetings
KNN       So what.  How much does the importer pay for them ?
IDI          Probably $220
OT          Or $230
KNN       Try $120 max
DI          No way, we have a tyre tender.
OT          And a testing procedure
KNN       So what does the tender say about the $130 a set profit ?
IDI          Well there are AKA fees
OT          And testing fees
IDI          And meeting fees
OT          And prizemoney
IDI          And tech stuff
OT          Lotsa stuff
KNN       A cut for you blokes ?
IDI          That’s a bit rich
OT          Yeah, it aint that much
KNN       Anyway, can we do this interview ?
IDI          I thought we were doing it
OT          We haven’t got time now, we’ve got committments
KNN       You two ?
IDI          I have a pre tender tyre appraisal to attend
OT          I have to find another lawyer
KNN       Arent tyres fixed now for 3 years ?
IDI          We do forward planning here you know, this aint the AKA.  
OT          What time’s the plane for Tahiti ?
KNN       Is that where your lawyer is ?
IDI          No, the tyre appraisal
OT          We’re going to try a different style of lawyer
KNN       Lawyers aint lawyers ?

IDI          Hell no,  we’ve heard of a bloke that says if you all agree to kill                someone and he wants to be  killed, it’s not against the law
OT          We’re picking him up on the way back
KNN       Rubbish.  He’s an idiot.   Oh, I get it. That’s perfect.

To be continued …. unfortunately

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