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Last Wednesday an historic vote was taken in Queensland to prevent best management practice being introduced. Today, we spoke with   A  Revolting (clubs) Spokesman in the first of a series on interviews on this matter .......        Sprite 7.gif (1383 bytes) Governance in QLD

KNN       Are you proud of what you've done ?
ARS        Of course. It is a watershed in the history of karting
KNN       How so ?
ARS        Clubs have asserted their right to have things the age old, tried and tested way
KNN       What way is that ?
ARS        The age old tried and tested way.   I said that.
KNN       That's not what I meant
ARS        Well you should ask what you mean
KNN       I did
ARS        Donald said you werent the fastest kart on the grid
KNN       Try this then. What is the procedure of the age old tried and  tested way ?
ARS        The clubs appoint a delegate to the Council which meets once a month
KNN       To do what ?
ARS        What's on the agenda
KNN       And you tell the delegates what to do ?
ARS        No
KNN       Then who tells them what to do ?
ARS        They're all nice people, been in karting for years. They know  what to do
KNN       If they know what to do, how come they havent done anything to improve karting in years ?
ARS        Yes they have
KNN       What ?
ARS        They voted down best management practice
KNN       So the club executives dont want best management practice
ARS        No, we're not saying that
KNN       Well what are you saying ?
ARS        You can have a board of directors but we tell them what to do
KNN       Why would you have a Board of Directors and you tell them what to do ?


ARS         Because we know what to do and they dont
KNN       What do you mean they dont know what to do ?
ARS        Well, they're company types, running businesses, lawyers,  finance, accounting, marketing, that sort of stuff
KNN       Yes, and in a company they combine to increase income and reduce  cost
ARS        No doubt about it. You'd sack em if they didnt.
KNN        And they might go about doing that by increasing the profile of the sport ? Marketing ? Selling the product ?
ARS        Why would you do that ?
KNN       More participants, more competition, better value
ARS        Says who ?
KNN       The ASC, v8 supercar racing, swimming.   Sports that used to have  a second rate profile that are   now up there
ARS        Why would you want that ?
KNN       You sure Donald didnt mean your were a wheel short of a kart ?
ARS        Listen son.  Kartings not like that.  We know best.
KNN       Do you own a factory ?
ARS        No, why do you ask ?
KNN       Ever heard of Ross Hill ?
ARS        No
KNN       He said karters are stupid, we know best.
ARS        Clever bloke
KNN       Actually, they burnt his factory down.......................

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