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Enough is Enough. 
We have taken a very fair line here with the AKA for a good while.  We have indeed congratulated the admin for various acts of good governance, the   disbanding of the NKC and the good work done by the Secretariat but Mr. Wells (AKA President) accusing QLD of cheap shots and free hits is just pathetic, and more a case of the pot calling the kettle black.  And when he goes on to say it's not really wrong to have an NKC meeting pass a special resolution, you've just got to wonder how far the acclaimed self invented Addendum DW#3 of 2004, the no rule that says it's OK if no one complains, is going to go.!!
Well (s) you're wrong, wrong and WRONG.  The postal vote provision was not validly put in the constitution. The September 99 mini conference was an NKC meeting.  The NKC meeting is a council meeting.  Look at the rules.!
Special resolutions have to be passed by General meeting.  Look at the rules again.   How many lawyers opinions do you need ? QLD told you they had 2 including an insurance expert.  !!
And if that's not enough, you called the meeting on 13 March a "Special Meeting of Delegates".  to vote on Constitution items....Are you kidding ???  What rule is that ?  And I think you were politely told but barged on regardless.  Waiting for the complaint under DW#3 of 2004 ?  So really, you've stuffed it all up again  - but if Qld tell you that or suggest you do it properly, Qld is taking a cheap shot ?

Are you ever going to get the point ?  If you abide the rules, the whole process becomes easier to follow, easier to manage.
Have you lot forgotten the backdoor censure of QLD you allowed Cee Dubya to put before the NKC without notice ? Have you forgotten the finances ? Remember those ? The $800 grand we used to have ?  How you've acted to reduce our overheads to stop the bleeding.   Expecting competitors to abide by the rules while your lot ignore them is just not acceptable - your time is up .... enjoy the free AKA ride to WA - it should be the last !

Appearing today, 23 March, probably after more expense created by failing to comprehned the AKA's own rules, an amendment to the 13 March minutes correctly calling the meeting a Special General Meeting - who then is the cause of unncecessary expense ??? look in your own well Mr Wells....!......To keep canning the only State that has growth in licences and karting activity just shows what level of expertise is at the helm Nationally ...

You can view the public "cheap shot" rhetoric at the link >>>> Link








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