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The AKA audit report as conducted by Berger Pipers Accountants  in Sydney reveals a high life for the CIK Series officials,  who under the Chairmanship of CIK Series / Coordinator Mr.Craig Denton of South Australia have run up an officials expenses bill amounting to $20,686.00. This encompasses only the accommodation and travel - car hire and meals for 4 rounds of the CIK Series.

One begins to wonder what perks are available for such  events when this $20,000+ figure represents about $1000 for officials luxuries and expenses for every competitor in the CIK Series. The figures produced are the AKA audited figures released by the  AKA   - it is quite obvious that these figures must be correct, and that this extravagance has been verified , if it is not correct then there would be some grave concerns about the reporting of the Auditor to the AKA , and of the information of accounts to the auditors by the Chairman of the CIK  Mr. Denton considering that all these funds have been signed off as expensed.

The CIK Series is run by Chairman Denton and he has been asked for an explanation of this "luxury" some two weeks ago and has responded that these audited figures are not correct ?????... if that is so one would ask why the Audit  says they are ?   The figure is  $20,686, the extract from the audit report is attached on the right -  CIK karters funds have been spent on these 4 rounds - that equates to approx. $5,000 of luxury for officials at each round and with that sort of extravagance for meals , accommodation , car hire etc, one would think a couple of nice looking "attendants" could be included  included as no one could drink atnd eat that much and you do have to rest and go to the event and officiate as well !! .!!!  But as usual no explanations are being supplied - just the Auditors reports . So , here's a tip , if you want to put the fun back in your karting, slip in an be part of the CIK show - the officials show that is - just get in touch with the Chairman to see if you can get a start !!

Audit Report 2005  Profit & Loss
-CIK Accomodation & Meals -   $ 16,322
-CIK Airfares & Travel           -    $   2,122
-CIK Car Hire & Fuel              -   $    2,232
Total                                       -    $ 20,686

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