new20.gif (7475 bytes)CIK Racing ...The first round of the AKA CIK events were conducted this weekend at Geelongs Beckley Park - results are posted on other websites - the entry lists for these "Championships" come well short of what is required and or expected - 6 racers in JICA - 10 in ICA and ICC can hardly be considered as "Championship" status !  its a pity that in a short 4 years the numbers have dropped so much that the charter as described in Chapter 50 for having this event has all but been negated...... One considers that the Chairman of the IKC committee has failed miserably in ensuring that his "committee" worked to ensure that an International event like the FIA/CIK Oceania Championships was organized as per their responsibilities, as that event alone kept the interest of all Karters involved with CIK alive. The fault for CIK's demise no doubt rests squarley on the head and that's where the buck stops.! Having the status of head and doing nothing achieves nothing............

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