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Since its inception in this country the CIK Series has had special meaning for a particular brand of kart racer. Some say it is a stepping-stone to better things, others argue that affordability dominated results of the contest and others will sprout that preparation, skill, knowledge and a little luck overshadowed the affordability belief.

To be blunt, the CIK Series of 2005 has been a non event in terms of competitor numbers –no one can dispute this, it has been supplemented by mainstream categories that get equal billing and whose presence are detrimental to CIK participation numbers, the media coverage and hype has been as positive as can realistically be believed, and trying to make something out of nothing, whilst a worthwhile virtue, has really not increased the participation or the promotional goals of the past. 

Why is CIK in decline???…. There has been little offered to participants for their achievement in the last two years, the TV coverage and magazine support previous to this was probably the best in Australian Karting exposure and whilst funds are budgeted for promotion by the National Association, very little, if any, made its way to CIK promotional activity to assist the whole of karting as a promotion simply because those who run CIK karting are not much good at it.

What do competitors have to say about the situation,??  We spoke with two time Australian Formula A and National F100 Champion Barclay Holden – he expresses the following view  The reason I participated in CIK was that CIK was the only class that I could race overseas, I wanted to race the best in Europe, and to get the recognition and experience in Australia that would be of benefit to me overseas.”Barclay Holden continues to add  After 5 years of racing CIK here there have been no opportunities come from CIK racing, and any opportunities that have come have been made by myself, so instead of spending the funds to race here it would have been more beneficial to just go to Europe and race there for a number of events”.

From further discussions it is obvious that incentives are required to bolster Australian CIK racing, and while committees and the people who seek to be part of them may well be interested in doing things, these are usually on a limited scale and any expertise in areas of promotion / TV are usually outside the expertise of those willing to serve. In most cases committees think about what they have to do a couple of days before they are required to do them, and that is not good enough to project the top level of the sport to the public in a promotional package. 
CIK needs a promoter- someone to sell the sport to corporate sponsors , to be able to arrange Television promotion – a magazine that is in your face with details about drivers, the good, the bad, the ugly and the battler,  the behind the scenes crews – it needs to allow such a promoter to “make a dollar” or pay him a promotional retainer rather than jealously guard and protect the CIK ethic without having the expertise to promote it. Sean Henselwood was such a person but becuase he was good at it he was driven away by th every people who needed him .

During the next two years in Europe the face of CIK competition will alter with the advent of the 125cc all purpose any make engine, this would see a revival as costs will be limited to chassis use and tyres, engines will be universal with restriction in categories JICA / ICA that allow them to move to another category without the need to purchase a totally different engine TAG is on it's way...but will we here do what was done with the water cooled ...wait 12 months to see what happens ???

One other most important issue that has reduced the participation in CIK is without doubt due to the number of years the CIK Committee have failed to ensure that Australia has a International CIK/FIA Championship – The Oceania Championships have been neglected to almost oblivion – there have been no registrations submitted to CIK/FIA of circuits (after repeated requests to do so ) with restricted CIK/FIA status as such approved circuits allow a limited number of restricted International events for this country.

We also spoke with an IKC member. 
a few comments from him:
RV: Craig, how are you ?
CD: Are you speaking to me ?
RV: Yes
CD: How do you know my name ? Who told you ? I'm going to find out and tell Uncle Donald on 'em
RV: Well Craig, this is the media and we don’t divulge our sources
CD: I know anyway and I'm going to expose them at my committee, everyone's against me you know ..
RV: Craig, can you tell us what went wrong with CIK and what you're going to do about it ?
CD: Huh ? Spell CIK
RV: C - I - K 
CD: Sick ! Are you saying I'm sick ? Who said I'm sick ? Who told you ? I know who it was,! I'm going to expose you at my committee.

RV: Thank you Craig

We would have spoken to an AKA executive but if even if they existed, they don’t speak to anyone.!


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