Map The Annual Rule fest and additional cost fest was conducted last weekend in Adelaide and no surprises with the changes- some new things in some old things out and hands in your pocket for changes ....never mind though,  its all part of the game, how else can things progress unless you make change - the 10 year control muffler program - the in, out, exhaust, noise meter ,out of control silencer, add on pipe is due for replacement ,at last ! but are we sure ???? The cost mooted to be $132 and that includes some royalties for AKA coffers - just how many of these things will be sold ??? is anyone left !

Some 10 addendum's to the rules were distributed today  (well in Qld anyway) some effective immediately, this will keep you reading for a while...the practicality of some of these changes are yet to be evaluated but we will leave that for you.

There are still more important issues at hand than these rule changes  -but can we actually follow rules - are we all required to do so or is that just for some and not others. Seems that the administrators themselves flaunt the very rules they create, and then expect competitors to abide with the rules, the issue is far from resolved , something is just not right and the tale will soon be told...

In the meantime ponder over the 10 new regulations - if you don't like them just ignore them - that's the way of the AKA...!!.

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#19 - Medicals
#20 - National Heavy Weight
#21 - Masters Games Classes
#22 - Tyre Pooling Rules
#23 - Plug Thread of Engines
#24 - Reed Block Gaskets Rotax
#25 - Clutch Driven Motors
#26 - SSS Clutch
#27 - Definitions - Tolerances
#28 - Axle wall Thickness

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