aka_logo_sml.gif (2703 bytes)   In a rare twist of loyalty the 7 member NKC voted unanimously to reject the CAMS "coup"  a 'coup' to have 5 of the member States move to the new CAMS Karting Australia Limited, a company formed by CAMS to which CAMS has delegated Karting under the FIA. The 5 key States officials who participated in the "invited" pivotal meeting  on 1st October were announced as having taken interim Board positions orchestrated by CAMS for that new entity, have now all sided with QLD and NSW to declare a unified loyalty to the Australian Karting Association.

It is quite obvious that the AKA is kartings' key authority in this country, and delegation from CAMS holds little if any standing in our domestic sport. The National AKA body has come under close scrutiny in recent months with its poor administration efficiency at the top, and even with officials from within the AKA supporting the dark side, this attempted "coup" has failed, this  might just be the wake up call the AKA needs to get its act together, start listening to its customers  and first and foremost adhere to its own regulations without reservation, and leave the selfish wheelbarrows parked in the paddock.

Hopefully things will now progress at a steady pace with our own Governance program to bring best management practices into being which will assist to revitalize the sport at all levels.

AKA (NSW) Press Release 08/10/05 >>>> Click Here
vkalogosml.gif (2755 bytes)    Victorian Karting Association PRESS RELEASE...07/10/05>>>>>> Click Here

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