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Like the road rules that apply when driving your car, there are karting regulations that apply - they may differ, but their application remain the same  - they exist - and are to be obeyed , the consequences of failing to follow such requirements can lead to all sorts of situations which include misery for some, and heartache for others....

Two member States had challenged the AKA on constitutional grounds, one is continuing and yes, you people can guess what instructions have been issued by the National Secretariat ! .... they now say ...AMSAC (
The Australian Motor Sport Appeals Court) do not exist - they do not apply to AKA - they belong to CAMS - AMSAC  have no no jurisdiction in AKA matters !!?????

The latest effort from the National "Yes Minister Crew" is again hard to follow - and I hate to be lone bearer of such news, but given that we have regulations to abide by,  another new concept adopted in the halls of Fawlty Towers exists.....!!!
...This could be considered disgraceful behaviour, quite treacherous and at best intellectually dishonest.

We all have a Manual that contains rules and regulations, they have been adopted   - approved - ascended  to - and in force, especially Chapter 10 which gives participants in this sport the right to seek leave to the highest Motor Sport Court in the land after all avenues are exhausted within AKA ...that court is called AMSAC and it is our designated choice of Court to settle disputes.

It is maintained and operated by CAMS  who are the affiliate of the FIA  - access to that court is contained in our regulations, a fee exist to appeal to it in our Manual, a court that we have adopted and approved to settle (
as a last & final court) any matter that anyone feels aggrieved about including items claiming that a direction or ruling of our governing body (NKC) is ultra vires (Beyond the powers or legal authority)   or unconstitutional, constititional items are attended to by the AKA approved designated court (AMSAC), as an  as of right appeal to that court.

So they now AKA indicate and  AKA say "here is our rule book" Look at our justice system.! No kangaroos here !

Well, except if you want to take us on, then we'll say "tricked ya, ! "we just put Chapter 10 in the rule book to look good". 

"Doesnt mean we'll abide by it"  "

How's that for justice !







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