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Recent developments on the CIK Series 2008 front appear to be headed in a completely different direction to what the IKC Committee had planned - a press release late Friday 22nd Feb authorised and fabricated by the AKA President seems to state that the National Council have approved a number of things contrary to the Committee recommendations, and the IKC committee is yet to be informed of any of these details, but hey  we have all heard this situation before , same old - same old ~!!! The details in the PR  imply that the NSW pair of  R.Gallagher and S.Whiting are now the  "front men" of CIK.

This is a new announcement concept in AKA, but good luck to them as we see the exit of other people from the Committee - those who have exited were no longer able to accept the interference that has been evident in this project ,it's a pity really but the project that was recommended to be put aside by experts to a later date as it was not being supported to the extent of what was expected - and of course with very little financial benefit to industry by way of sales of engines tyres etc as these weee being supplied by AKA on lease /prurchase sees insufficient industry support for the series......

The IKC released documents last week advising their recommndations to the team owners, a copy of those details are available on this link >>
Team Update 22/2/08

New additions to dates and removal of venues by persons outside the committee adds a twist of stupidity,  VKA Presdent  Mr David Murray authorises approval by including Victoria's Todd Road in the mix after the VKA clubs rejected the proposal, and he was able to do this by phone while attending a race meeting. To include a major event in opposition to the CIK event  namely their own Junior Classic event ( A Major event in Victoria each year) on the same date to the V8 Supercars event at Phillip Island , same weekend, and applying a restriction on Junior attendance at the CIK event  - thereby reducing the CIK event to a miniscule status, hardly the AKA showcase expected to be CIK racing.

But hey, that's life and the "front men" will have it all fixed !

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